Nike LeBron X GS “Black History Month”

Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_0__15322_1357709509_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_1__03984_1357709510_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_2__92482_1357709512_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_4__29792_1357709515_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_7__27437_1357709520_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_10__80091_1357709524_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_11__63605_1357709526_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_12__15900_1357709528_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_8__65022_1357709522_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_5__29111_1357709517_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_3__92048_1357709513_1280_1280 Nike_Lebron_X_10_GS_Black_Orange_S_6__88498_1357709519_1280_1280


Dope – no official release date as of yet but I’m sure it will definitely be some time in february – you can try your luck over at Sole Awesome

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