Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III “New York City” and “Miami Beach”

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The Kith East Coast Project celebrates one coast and two cities with a unique approach to dual-brand designs. Launching in the Kith Miami pop-up store on May the 2nd, before they arrive in both Kith New York stores on May 10th, the new colorways and material executions of the ASICS Gel Lyte III are some of the best to date and they’re arriving accompanied by an ambitious and carefully curated capsule collection that takes the collaboration concept to the next level.

Based on Ronnie Fieg’s love of the city that made him and the other city he loves, two of the most iconic team color combinations ever are presented with uncompromising approaches to fit and quality. The ASICS Gel Lyte III is the shoe that changed running shoe design forever — from the tongue to the “caged” reflective panel to the midsole densities to the heel — as performance stepped into the 1990s. The split-tongued, comfort-driven cult classic is perfect for wear in cool and warm climates and its versatility is celebrated in this Kith duo.


The Ronnie Fieg ‘New York City’ ASICS Gel Lyte III blends a perforated pigskin toebox and quarter panel with a soft nubuck quarter and heel counter. Woven mesh, a light grey midsole, 3M stripes and “eyes” on the toe, plus an instantly recognizable duo of blue and orange is a perfectly executed combination.

AIH30BK.4367_RF6B AIH30BK.4367_RF6B_3M AIH30BK.4367_RF6 AIH30BK.4367_RF6C AIH30BK.4367_RF1 AIH30BK.4367_RF6_3M AIH30BK.4367_RF5I_3M AIH30BK.4367_RF5J AIH30BK.4367_RF5I AIH30BK.4367_RF5D AIH30BK.4367_RF5C AIH30BK.4367_RF5B AIH30BK.4367_RF5 AIH30BK.4367_RF5C_3M AIH30BK.4367_RF1_3M


The Ronnie Fieg ‘Miami Beach’ ASICS Gel Lyte III is made from a microperf nubuck with a woven mesh toebox and collar. The orange 3M stripes, “eyes” on the toe and heel panel complement the luxurious feel perfectly and the white plastic eyelets set off a definitive football color palette.

For this pack the legendary comfort of the Gel Lyte III is elevated with the addition of a newly developed, sewn-in memory foam comfort footbed that was created specially for the East Coast Project collection. A first time creation for ASICS. Each shoe comes packed with a pair of custom-created ‘New York City’ or ‘Miami Beach’ “Just Stance” ultralight cotton, super invisible socks with embroidered detailing and ultralight cushioning. For extra wear options, a flat lace and two sets of custom round laces that weave in the key colors of the given cities are also included. The full sneaker and sock set will retail for $145 USD.

AIH30AK.6130_RF1 AIH30AK.6130_RF5 AIH30AK.6130_RF5B AIH30AK.6130_RF5C AIH30AK.6130_RF5D AIH30AK.6130_RF6C AIH30AK.6130_RF6B AIH30AK.6130_RF6 AIH30AK.6130_RF5J AIH30AK.6130_RF5I AIH30AK.6130_RF6B_3M AIH30AK.6130_RF6C_3M AIH30AK.6130_RF1_3M AIH30AK.6130_RF5C_3M AIH30AK.6130_RF5I_3M AIH30AK.6130_RF6_3M

The releases will go on sale in limited numbers alongside the full capsule collection exclusively at the Kith Miami pop-up store on Thursday, May 2nd through May 10th each day. The Miami pop-up store itself will be divided into two parts, the two adjacent storefronts will have the Miami side open from 11am to 3pm and the next door New York side of the location open from 4pm to 8pm.

Then on May 10th, the “Miami Beach” colorway will hit Kith Brooklyn only and the “New York City” colorway will hit Kith Manhattan only, as well with both colorways releasing online at at 11am EST.

Kith Pop-Up “New York” 1629 Jefferson Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

Kith Pop-Up “Miami” 1627 Jefferson Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

Starting May 2nd up until May 10th, the East Coast Project and the Miami pop-up is just the start of something: “This is the appetizer…”

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