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Today’s Profile Feature is Terrel Marcus AKA @TMarkGotKicks – Looking at this dude’s collection on Instagram one can only be left in awe and amazement! I recently got a chance to hang out with TMark this past weekend at the legendary 5 Pointz in Long Island City, Queens. T Mark reminds me of Kevin Durant, Calm Cool, Collected but DEADLY! (Because of his footwear) – Check out the interview below, You’re welcome.

Where are you from? I’m from one of the toughest part of The Bronx; Soundview Houses.

How long have you been collecting sneakers? It’s so hard to tell when I started collection kicks because I have two older brothers that’s into sneakers as well. So growing up my mother bought them shoes, so she had to buy me sneakers as well. I bought my first pair of sneakers with my own money in 2005 .

photo 2

What’s your favorite sneaker and why? My Favorite pair of sneakers hmm. It’s a tie Between Black Cement 3’s From 2001 And Black and Infrared 6’s From 2000′, Man I can buy 50 pairs of both of those shoes and never get tired of them!

Besides your hometown, what is the best city for sneaker heads that you know of? Why? It’s nothing like NYC. Good and bad, but besides NYC I know Miami is cool, Houston is heavy ! and of course Chi- Town.

Do you collect just for collecting or do you collect and rock? I collect to wear. I work too damn hard to buy kicks and keep them arrested in the house forever.

photo 3 photo 4 DSC_1571

What sneaker got you into the sneaker game? The shoe that got me into the game I would have to say would be My childhood favorite , The Nike Penny 3. Man Growing up I wanted to be like my brother he had all the foamposites and I had a small foot then so I couldn’t get any. They dropped the Duncan’s in small sizes but it was that soft trash foamposite! But when the penny 3’s came out it the foamposite material –  it was love at first sight!

What are your thoughts on these fake celebrity sneaker heads?  I don’t really  care too much about them but they should buy kicks for the love of the game not just because sneakers are in right now.

How do you feel about Foamposites? In my opinion they’re finished, what do you think? I’m done with foamposites! I’m not mad at Nike though. We gotta be mad at ourselves (The Sneaker Cutlure) people are still buying the garbage Nike puts out. They feel whatever they drop the People will buy it.

If you could wear only one sneaker for the rest of your life, what would it be? If I had to choose one shoe well it will have to be either black cement 3’s or Black and Infrared 6’s, It’s a tie between those two. I would probably take one of each shoe lol.

what advice would you give as far as storing and preservation of your sneakers? Its really no information I can give the next person how to store their shoes but I use plastic bins and it’s keeping my kicks clean.

what is the most you’ve ever spent on a pair of sneakers? The most I spent on a shoe was $1,100 on the Lebron 7 Hero Pack (Playoff 11 version). SAMPLE. People can call me a HYPEBEAST or whatever they want to call me but I wanted that shoe and sometimes you got to pay the price for nice things.

photo 1

Have you ever waited on line for a pair of kicks? Of course I waited on line for kicks. I haven’t done so in a long time because I have people who look out for me now like my boy Al from BX Sports. A few years ago you couldn’t rely on anybody holding you down you had to go get it yourself so I have no choice to line up if I wanted the shoe.

From the time you started collecting up until now, would you say that the sneaker game changed for the best or the worst? I think it changed for the worst. I say the worst because there’s no more love for the sneaker game and the Culture. It’s all about the money now.

Does pricing affect your collection? Pricing doesn’t hurt my collection because if I don’t feel the shoe is worth that price I won’t buy it to be honest.

What does the word “Hypebeast” mean to you? My meaning for HYPEBEAST is if your buying the shoe because everybody wants it and you don’t even like the shoe. If your into the sneaker game because entertainers are doing it your a HYPEBEAST.

What are your thoughts on the females in the sneaker game? I love how females are creeping their way back into the game. I met some females with dope collections, better collections than most guys out there!

Any advice for a young kid coming up in the sneaker game? My advice to a young kid coming up in the sneaker game is buy what you like not what’s hyped. Stay true to yourself and just remember they’re just shoes so wear your kicks that your parents paid all that money for.

I want to thank you for the feature. I really Appreciate it. #vampkrew

DSC_1613 DSC_1629

Photos By: C-Biz and Cakes Photo Room
With Contributions from Jamal Swift


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