Converse // Isolda Sneaker Collection


Converse  announces the launch of the Converse Isolda Sneaker Collection, a brand new footwear range that celebrates Brazil’s vibrant culture through a series of bold and colorful prints.  This first-time collaboration between Converse and the Brazilian fashion brand Isolda brings together a bold palette of watercolors and exotic hues brought to life on a series of iconic sneaker silhouettes from the Converse archive. Following an exclusive launch during Fashion Rio on Friday, November 8, the Converse Isolda Sneaker Collection will be available for sale in limited quantities at select retailers including Dona Coisa (Rio De Janeiro) and Cartell 001 (Sao Paulo) starting Tuesday, November 12.  The premium sneakers are availalble in unisex sizing 4 – 12, with prices ranging from $110 to $130.

PACK_-_BC740059-BC741037_-_AG_25126 PACK_ISOLDA_25136 REF_-_BC740059_-_AG_25131 PACK_-_BQ1116812_-_AG_25125 PACK_-_BQ1112037_-_AG_25124 REF_-_BQ1118460_AG_25127 REF_-_BQ1117253_-_AG_25130 REF_-_BQ1116812_-_AG_25135 REF_-_BQ1115812_AG_25128 REF_-_BQ1114253_AG_25129 REF_-_BQ1113059_AG_25134 REF_-_BQ1112037_-_AG_25133 REF_-_BC741037._-_AG_25132


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