Nike Lebron 11 “Akron Vs Miami”

Ho13_BB_LeBron11_616175_400_3qtr_lat_25005 Ho13_BB_LeBron11_616175_400_3qtr_lat_heel_copy_25000 Ho13_BB_LeBron11_616175_400_lat_25007 Ho13_BB_LeBron11_616175_400_med_25006 Ho13_BB_LeBron11_616175_400_top_25004

A unique use of color gives the LEBRON 11 Akron vs. Miami a depth of personality that captures the essence of James. Shades of blue represent Akron’s working-class, blue-collar roots, while pink accents symbolize the city he currently calls home.

The LEBRON 11 Akron vs. Miami will be available on Dec. 7 


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