SUPRA Introduces The Skytop IV


The Chad Muska signature Skytop legacy continues with the much-anticipated pre-release of the Skytop IV.

“The Skytop IV is something completely new,” Muska said. “It’s pushing footwear design into the future, it’s merging worlds, and different genres—it’s high fashion meets high performance athletic footwear. We really wanted to create a shoe that you could go skate with the homies in, then come home, put a fresh pair on, and go out at night in—one to skate, one to chill.”

The first limited edition model that is being pre-released for the holidays is outfitted in a deep, black waxed suede. A short list of the many features include:

The black Skytop IV will be released at fine SUPRA retailers worldwide and on November 29 (Black Friday, US).

HO13_Skytop_IV_Hero HO13_Skytop_IV_Hero_Collar HO13_SKYTOP_IV_MACRO_780x520zx HO13_Skytop_IV_Detail2 HO13_Skytop_IV_Detail1


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