Kicksaddict Sneakerhead PROFILES Interview Series: @JapaneseDiva2


Today we go across the ocean to JAPAN! Hiromi aka Japanesediva2 has a strong following on instagram – although she’s only been in the game for 3 years she has made quite the mark! check out the interview and find out what make’s her DOPE!

Where are you from? I’m from japan. Now I’m living in Tokyo but originally from the southern part of japan.

How long have you been collecting sneakers? Not that long, About 3 Years or so.

What’s your favorite sneaker and why? I love Jordans because they match street fashion and old school fashion which I’m into. And my favorite pair is the Air Jordan TAXI 12s

Besides your hometown, what is the best city for sneaker heads that you know of? Why? NYC!! there are a lot of sneaker shops over there. My favorite place is flight Club NYC . They are a lil pricey but have everything!

jap2 jap4

Do you collect just for collecting or do you collect and rock? I do collect and wear them because they are sneakers!!  Sneakers are a part of fashion.

 What sneaker got you into the sneaker game?  I got inspired by musicians that I like. I saw them wearing jordans So I since then got into it.

 What advice would you give as far as storing and preservation of your sneakers? I clean up every time after I wear them before the dirt sticks to the outsole especially the ones with the clear soles. For storing my kicks, I write the nickname of the shoes and the release date on the boxes so that I can see which shoes are in which box and I place them neatly on a metal rack.

What are your thoughts on females sneaker heads? I think it’s sexy.  But I however don’t like the girls who take pics  almost naked wearing sneakers.  But the men might like it but I think it’s stupid.

jap5 jap6 jap

If you could wear only one sneaker for the rest of your life, what would it be?TAXI 12s for sure!!  love them too much!

 What is the most you’ve ever spent on a pair of sneakers? Not a lot because I usually buy them for retail price.  I paid $200 for the Cav 4s and playoff 12s.  In japan some GS sizes weren’t released even though they were released in the states. So sometimes Jordans in GS sizes are sometimes more expensive than men’s sizes. I really hope Nike Japan would release GS size’s the same way they do in America.

 Have you ever waited on line for a pair of kicks? Nope!  in japan there’s usually a lottery whenever rare sneakers are released.

From the time you started collecting up until now, would you say that the sneaker game changed for the best or the worst?

I haven’t collected that long so I cant say the difference that much but there are a lot of hypebeasts lately. They buy sneakers just for reselling.

 Does pricing affect your collection? Yes

What does the word “Hypebeast” mean to you? I think they don’t care about sneakers, I wonder if they know “the value” of them.  For the record, I don’t buy sneakers from them.

Final thoughts? To me there is no rule wearing sneakers as a fashion. You can be casual, feminine or classic… so they are just a tool to be confident. Fashion is the way to show who you are and your personality. So just have fun wearing sneakers and be yourself!

You can follow Hiromi on her instagram – @Japanesediva2

with contributions from Jamal Swift



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