NIKEiD Player Edition Program


2013 marks a special year for NIKEiD’s evolution in basketball with the new NIKEiD Player Exclusive Program. Nike has selected a roster of professional players that will debut NIKEiD shoes that highlight special moments during their season, with each shoe telling a story.

The NIKEiD Player Edition roster includes: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Paul George, James Harden, Jarrett Jack, LeBron James, Ty Lawson, Chris Paul, JR Smith, Deron Williams and Nick Young. 

Each and every NIKEiD Player Edition shoe design has a unique story hidden beneath the surface. has created an online destination to reveal these distinct stories with the launch of the NIKEiD Player Edition online hub.

The Player Edition Program is inspiration for every athlete around the world to design their own shoe, representing their own personal story and shining moment.

Check out the NIKEiD Player Edition online home and follow @NIKEiD for updated information on the latest shoes that show up on court and the unique story behind each design.

This NIKEiD Player Edition online resource will be updated at tip-off of every game that NIKEiD Player Editions are debuting – so fans can learn about the inspiration behind the shoe as soon as they see it on court.

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