Onitsuka Tiger – Silver Knight


This Christmas Onitsuka Tiger collaborates with the German The Good Will Out store to launch the “Silver Knight”.

The limited edition is a tribute to the 1980’s released model X-CALIBER and comes with three sets of coloured lace: white, green and burgundy. The design further features 3M upper with structured mesh that shines like a knight’s armour.

The Silver Knight edition will be on sale at The Good Will Out store in Cologne from 7 Dec and available worldwide from 14 Dec. Each pair is priced from €120


tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_on_feet_07 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_on_feet_06 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_on_feet_05 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_on_feet_04 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_on_feet_03 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_on_feet_02 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_on_feet_01 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_09 Silver Knight tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_details_01 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_details_02 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_details_03 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_details_04 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_details_05 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_01 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_02 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_03 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_04 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_05 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_06 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_07 tgwo_onitsuka_tiger_silver_knight_off_feet_08

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