Is Lebron James Happy With The Nike Lebron XI’s ?


According to the Wall Street Journal

Lebron MIGHT not be into his new shoe because “In the 18 games played since the season opened, the four-time league MVP has worn the 11s for only two full games, spending most of his time on court wearing last year’s LeBron X model. Maverick Carter, James’s Manager says said it isn’t that the star doesn’t like the latest edition of his shoes. Instead, he has been making tweaks to the shoe and expects to return to wearing the 11s full time in a matter of weeks, Mr. Carter said.

“I think it would matter more if he didn’t wear it at all,” SportsOneSource’s Mr. Powell said. Most people purchase LeBrons for fashion rather than performance, he said.

On a few occasions, including a Nov. 12 matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks, Mr. James started the game in his latest shoe but partway through switched into last season’s model. During Tuesday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons, he sported a version of the older LeBrons from the opening tip.

On Nov. 25, the last time Mr. James wore the 11s for an entire game, he scored 35 points with five rebounds and four assists, leading his Miami Heat over the Phoenix Suns 107-92.

In a statement, Beaverton, Ore.-based Nike called the LeBron 11 “one of the most innovative Nike basketball shoes to date, and we look forward to LeBron stepping back on the court in his latest signature shoe soon.”


What do you guys feel?


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