Nike Tiempo ’94 and Nike Tiempo Legend V


The Tiempo has become a football icon. In celebration, Nike introduces the Tiempo ’94, a shoe for everyday style that draws from the heritage of the boot that started it all; and the Tiempo Legend V, a boot that brings new innovation to the pitch.

Outwardly familiar, both sneaker and boot reaffirm the importance of design in football lore and its potential to change how the game is played.

The Tiempo ’94, available in both Mid and Low, and the Tiempo Legend V are available now at

SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Low_Blk_Medial_26027 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Low_Blk_Profile_26025 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Low_Blk_ToeBox_26028 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Low_Blk_TopDown_26026 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_HeelUp_Pair_25984 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_HeelUp_Pair_Detail_25989 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_Medial_25985 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_Medial_Detail2_25987 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_Profile_25982 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_Sole_25965 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_ToeBox_25966 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_ToeBox_Detail2_25990 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_ToeDown_Pair_25978 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_ToeDown_Pair_Detail_25973 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_ToeDown_Pair_Detail2_25972 SP14_NSW_Tiempo94_Mid_Blk_TopDown_25980 Sp14_FB_Tiempo5_Pair_25993 SP14_FB_Tiempo5_Pair_Detail_25997 Sp14_FB_Tiempo5_Profile_25992 Sp14_FB_Tiempo5_Sole_25995 Sp14_FB_Tiempo5_ToeDown_25994 SP14_FB_Tiempo5_Top_Detail_25998 SP14_FB_Tiempo5_MedialProfile_Detail_25999

To coincide with the launch of the Tiempo V and Tiempo ’94 Nike has also created the “I AM Tiempo” campaign featuring Gerard Pique, Ashley Cole, Sergio Ramos, Carlos Tevez and Ronaldinho. 


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