Reebok Kamikaze II Mid “Trail Blazers”

Reebok_Kamikaze_mid_II_Trail_Blazers_Sneaker_Politics1_1024x1024 Reebok_Kamikaze_mid_II_Trail_Blazers_Sneaker_Politics2_1024x1024 Reebok_Kamikaze_mid_II_Trail_Blazers_Sneaker_Politics3_1024x1024 Reebok_Kamikaze_mid_II_Trail_Blazers_Sneaker_Politics4_1024x1024 Reebok_Kamikaze_mid_II_Trail_Blazers_Sneaker_Politics9_1024x1024Shawn Kemp started his career as a Sonic” (Seattle) – These kicks pay homage to his days with the Portland Trailblazers -Due out 12/13/2013 at such retailers as Sneaker Politics


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