L.A.T.H.C Winter Capsule Collection

THC266-hoody copy

The collection is embodies all things L.A and street culture- signature bandana prints and great graphic prints which echoes the city’s art and music scenes.

Collection caters to the group of men who can’t afford to dish out hundreds of dollars and still want to keep up with the trends happening in street-wear.

Collection doesn’t rip as these are all original graphics, however is inspired by the current market trends!

Where to buy:  http://www.latreehouseclub.com/collections/december-capsule

THC266-hoody - back copy THC267-pants copy THC269-pants copy THC270 - top copy THC270 - top-back copy THC271-pants copy THC272 - hoody copy THC272 - hoody-back copy THC272 - pants copy THC274 - top copy THC285 - pants copy THC285 - pants elaborate-frame-hoody copy elaborate-frame-hoody-back copy THC260-hoody copy THC261-pants copy THC264 - hoody copy THC264 - hoody-back copy THC265 - pants copy



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