Nike Zoom HyperRev


The Nike Zoom HyperRev maximizes the foot’s natural motion where it’s needed most.

The feel and responsiveness of the Nike Zoom HyperRev is enhanced with the combination of full-length Nike Zoom and a lightweight Phylite midsole.

Designer Leo Chang’s goal was to create a lightweight, breathable and flexible shoe that delivered a custom fit with proprioceptive feel. The shoe’s ankle support features flexible foam lining within the mesh.


The Nike Zoom HyperRev launches globally on and select retail locations beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_003_Blk_Met_Sil_3qtr_lat_heel_26104 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_003_Blk_Met_Sil_3qtr_lat_toe_26109 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_003_Blk_Met_Sil_lat_26110 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_003_Blk_Met_Sil_os_26102 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_003_Blk_Met_Sil_top_26112 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_003_Blk_Met_Sil_top_toe_26103 SP14_BB_HyperRev_Kyrie_Athlete_Hero_26116 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_13098_HyperRev_Profile1_V2_rgb_26117 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_600_Lt_Crmsn_Univ_Gold_top_v2_26101 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_600_Lt_Crmsn_Univ_Gold_top_toe_v2_26114 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_600_Lt_Crmsn_Univ_Gold_os_V2_26106 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_600_Lt_Crmsn_Univ_Gold_lat_v2_26105 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_600_Lt_Crmsn_Univ_Gold_3qtr_lat_toe_v2_26115 Sp14_BB_HyperRev_630913_600_Lt_Crmsn_Univ_Gold_3qtr_lat_heel_26111

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