Air Jordan V “Red Spittin Cobra” By Mr Exclusive Custom


Mr Exclusive went to work! an extra touch to the Toro V’s – if you’re interested in getting a pair touch base with the magician himself HERE – see more of the customs below.

1462731_654495917934232_749418746_o 1082569_654495781267579_1275091388_o 1072375_654495837934240_2029141936_o 893937_654495807934243_934467601_o 1485934_654495981267559_297945319_o 1498922_654495974600893_1797887002_o 1501249_654495847934239_1392381710_o 1501460_654496027934221_1830103259_o 1502862_654495977934226_817789235_o 1511678_654495901267567_750559359_o 1522850_654495804600910_37735539_o 1525372_654495911267566_952951661_n 1532020_654495777934246_1076100983_o

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