Guru Sandals: Ancient Tradition with a Contemporary Twist


Picture a pair of your rubber sandals. You’re probably picturing your pink rubber sandal purchase made at Walmart a few years back, which you wear running errands in before hitting the beach. Prem Thomas, creator of Guru Sandals, has completely redesigned the sandal game, introducing a sandal that is fashionable, comfortable, and for a good cause.

This is the ultimate travel sandal – combining function, trend and comfort all in a unique structure.

Taking inspiration from the ancient wood methiyedi (meth-ee-yed-ee) sandal, Prem loved the artistic design and soon found out that the traditional design was worn by his grandfather and major individuals of modern India. Using natural rubber sustainably harvested from Prem and his partner, Joe’s families’ rubber farms, the Guru sandal was born.

Some highlights of the sandal:

–       Eye-catching design (and they won’t fall off, we promise)!

–       Traditional Indian toe post design makes Gurus more comfortable than flip-flops

–       Straps adjust to any ankle and foot size with an easy twist

–       Biodegradable and much better for the environment

For additional information on Guru Sandals, visit



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