Nike Silver Speed Super Bowl XLVIII Collection


The  journey to the Super Bowl is a moment that represents finding new ways to push innovation forward in order to help athletes perform their best, at the biggest moments in their lives. As an official uniform, baselayer, sideline and training supplier to the NFL, Nike celebrates Super Bowl XLVIII with the new 2014 NFL Nike Silver Speed Collection. Built to outfit players for all conditions, this collection draws inspiration from the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the icy weather of the Northeast, and the bright lights of the city.

Nike Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite Cleat – Super Bowl Edition

SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Carbon_II_PR_004_26498 SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Carbon_II_HERO_001_26505 SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Carbon_II_det_004_26485 SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Carbon_II_PR_005_26484

Nike Vapor Shield Glove – Super Bowl Edition

SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Shield_HERO_001_26472 SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Shield_det_004_26507 SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Shield_det_003_26455 SP14_AT_SB_Vapor_Shield_det_002_26519


Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Max Shield Hood – Super Bowl Edition

SP14_AT_SB_HW_Shield_Hood_HERO_001_26474 SP14_AT_SB_HW_Shield_Hood_det_005_26523 SP14_AT_SB_HW_Shield_Hood_det_004_26481 SP14_AT_SB_HW_Shield_Hood_det_002_26511

Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 2.0 Baselayer

Sp14_AT_SB_Hypercool_2-0_HERO_1523_rgb_med_26621 Sp14_AT_SB_Hypercool_2-0_HERO_1268_rgb_med_26622 Sp14_AT_SB_Hypercool_2-0_det_1393_rgb_med_26624

The Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong 3.0 Top and 3/4 Pant

SP14_AT_SB_Hyperstrong_det_003_26456 SP14_AT_SB_Hyperstrong_det_002_26495 SP14_AT_SB_Hyperstrong_HERO_001_26491


Nike Aeroloft Summit Jacket – Super Bowl Edition

SP14_AT_SB_Aeroloft_HERO_001_26502 SP14_AT_SB_HW_Aeroloft_det_004_26457 SP14_AT_SB_HW_Aeroloft_det_003_26494


Nike Lunar Terra Arktos Boot – Super Bowl Edition

HO13_LunaTerra_Arktos_Superbowl_Silver_Hero_003_JM_26581 HO13_LunaTerra_Arktos_Superbowl_Silver_Hero_002_JM_EM_4k_26578 HO13_LunaTerra_Arktos_Superbowl_Silver_Detail_006_JM_2_26575 HO13_LunaTerra_Arktos_Superbowl_Silver_Hero_005_JM_26577 HO13_LunaTerra_Arktos_Superbowl_Silver_Detail_003_DE2_26576


Nike 550 Down Parka – Super Bowl Edition

SP14_AT_SB_Sweatless_SS_HERO_001_26503 SP14_AT_SB_Sweatless_SS_det_004_26487 SP14_AT_SB_Sweatless_SS_PR_001_26468

Nike Free Trainer 3.0, 5.0 and 7.0 – Super Bowl Edition

SP14_AT_SB_Free_Trainer_Family_PR_001_26506 SP14_AT_SB_Free_Trainer_Family_HERO_001_26525

Nike Sweatless Jacket and Pant – Super Bowl Edition – Nike Shield Nailhead Hoodie – Super Bowl Edition

Sp14_AT_SB_Nailhead_HERO_0185_JM2_RDR2_EM3_4k_26613 SP14_AT_SB_Nailheadt_det_002_26524 SP14_AT_SB_Nailheadt_det_003_26463 SP14_AT_SB_Sweatless_SS_det_002_26513


Nike NFL Limited Jersey – Super Bowl Edition 

SP14_AT_SB_Jersey_Det_003_26467 SP14_AT_SB_Jersey_Det_002_26512 SP14_AT_SB_Jersey_001_26458


Nike Lunar 180 Trainer SC (2014)

Lunar_180_Trainer_Pair_EM2_4k_26571 Lunar_180_Trainer_Profile-3_EM3_4k_26573 Lunar_180_Trainer_SC_Dtl_V3_EM_4k_26574 Lunar_180_Trainer_SC_Dtl_V5_DE_26572

Nike Destroyer Jacket

Sp14_AT_SB_Destroyer_HERO_1795_VH_RDR_EM2_4k_26612 SP14_AT_SB_Destroyer_HERO_001_26486 SP14_AT_SB_Destroyer_det_002_26464


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