Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight


Nike is introducing its first product specifically designed to assist the recovery process, the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight. The tight was developed based on insight from athletes, scientists, physiologists and coaches, and from data from the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL).


The Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight is designed to be worn away from competition, during ‘active recovery’ – while the body is moving, but not competing or engaged in intense excercise. The graduated compression provided by its advanced design targets specific zones of the leg, aiding recovery.

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For decades, athletes have been looking for effective recovery solutions – using ice baths, compression wraps and muscle ointments. The ongoing grind of training lasts 365 days a year for top athletes, with official seasons stretching out for months.  Bodies are tested; muscles maxed out, especially in the legs.

Top athletes across multiple sports, including basketball star LeBron James, were involved in the testing and development of the Nike Recovery Hypertight, providing crucial feedback.


Designer Eddy Harber worked with a core team on the testing and development of the Nike Recovery Hypertight for more than 18 months.  After identifying the challenge of helping athletes to recover faster, the team searched for a solution.

The Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight will be available globally on and select retail locations beginning February 3.


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