Nike Kobe 9 Elite – 3 Colorways


The KOBE 9 Elite combines deep design innovation with personal storytelling that reflects Kobe Bryant’s muses on and off court. The KOBE 9 Elite features three key technologies: Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon, giving the shoe superior lightweight performance.


Three new colors tell stories behind Bryant’s inspirational muses including art, culture and Los Angeles.

Bryant will wear the KOBE 9 Elite Inspiration colorway upon his return to the court. Retail launch: March 1.

The blue period was a three year-stretch (1901-1904) of artistic brilliance by the Spanish cubist painter, whose artwork during this time featured shades of blue and blue-green.   KOBE 9 Elite Perspective colorway.

Retail launch: March 8.

The Italian Renaissance artist who reigned supreme in the 1500’s could be considered one of the greatest artists of all time. KOBE 9 Elite Detail colorway.

Retail launch: March 22.

The KOBE 9 Elite Masterpiece colorway will release globally on Feb. 8, at and select global retail locations.

Kobe_IX_FlyNight_PERSPECTIVE_LAT_26975 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_PERSPECTIVE_HEL_26985 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_PERSPECTIVE_DET_V2_26993 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_PERSPECTIVE_OUT_26990 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_PERSPECTIVE_DET_V1_26982 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_WHTGRY_LAT_26978 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_WHTGRY_HEL_26987 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_WHTGRY_DET_V2_26980 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_WHTGRY_DET_V1_26988 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_WHTGRY_OUT_26983 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_INSPIRE_COLORUP_LAT_26977 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_INSPIRE_COLORUP_HEL_26992 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_INSPIRE_COLORUP_DET_V2_26989 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_INSPIRE_COLORUP_DET_V1_26984 Kobe_IX_FlyNight_INSPIRE_COLORUP_OUT_26986


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