Nike Lebron X “What The Fehc” Custom By @GourmetKic​kz


Take every single LeBron X custom that Chef (spelled backwards in the piece name to keep with the WTF theme) has ever created in the GourmetKickz Kitchen (or planned to create) and cook them all up into one pair! The result is an eyecatching Frankenstein of a piece for sure! Two different base shoes start off the dish, add to that some LeBreezy Python, some camo, some galaxy, Norman, and everything else in the Kitchen cupboard topped off with 2 very cool mounted deer skull lace locks and denim insoles! No word yet on whether Chef will be offering this as a standard or limited offering, but feel free to check for details.

wtfX-T11 wtfX-T10 wtfX-T9 wtfX-T8 wtfX-T7 wtfX-T4 wtfX-T3 wtfX-T1 wtfX-T13 wtfX-T14

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