Nike Basketball Hat Collection


Nike Basketball gear hijacked streetwear and began a lasting legacy of swag. Signature basketball shoes for LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant significantly impact streetwear around the world. The deeply personal stories and experiences that influence these superstar footwear designs resonate with fans and fashionistas alike.


Until now there has not been a collection of headwear that directly connects to signature basketball shoes.Nike Basketball is further driving pop culture with its new line of hats, while paying respect to the heritage of the game.  Not only do the hats reiterate the shoes’ personal stories, they incorporate the actual materials, colors and prints from select signature shoes. The new line of Nike Basketball hats includes different varieties that intermix style and performance. These three silhouettes include the Pro (trucker), AW84 (5-Panel) and the True Snapback. James, Bryant and Durant have all been instrumental in the design process and played a key role in the style and direction of the three versions.

In 2013, Nike summer tour in Europe, Durant packed his bags with some prototype samples of new Nike Basketball hats the world hadn’t yet seen.  Many of these received instant attention on the streets and courts of Paris, Milan, Rome and Barcelona.

“The response was unbelievable to the hats I was wearing in Europe this past summer,” said Durant.  “Nike had some unique styles I liked and my phone was ringing off the hook once people saw them.”


DSC_0045_A_FIN_27279 DSC_0030_A_FIN_27280 DSC_0012_A_FIN_27281 DSC_0004_A_FIN_27278 LBJX_Finals_Pack_PALM_HAT_original_27282 1444_original_27289 KD122_original_27284 KD119_original_27290 KD_TOUR_13_original_27294 KD_TOUR_8_original_27283

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