Arnette // Thrasher Glasses


Arnette, you’re favorite 90’s brand is back in action with some sweet collaborations and their new A.C.E.S program. A.C.E.S, the Arnette Creative Exchange Program, allows you, yes you, to get crafty with your shades, each frame comes with an extra set of arms for switching and swapping at your hearts desire.Arnette teamed up with Thrasher Magazine and Bad Brains for two of the A.C.E.S.

Available now at  for $99

_Thrasher_AN4176_2234_87_c_2100x1050_300_CMYK Dropout_AN4176_41_81_c_1337x568_300_CMYK Dropout_AN4176_447_87_c_2100x892_300_RGB Dropout_AN4176_2152_73_c_1337x568_300_CMYK Dropout_AN4176_2163_4V_c_2100x892_300_RGB DropOut_AN4176_2206_3R_c_2100x1050_300_RGB DropOut_AN4176_2229_3R_c_2100x1050_300_CMYK Dropout_AN4176c_2193_87_2100x1050_300_RGB


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