Vision Street Wear – Spring 2014 Collection


It was 1976 and skateboarding was undergoing changes that would forever shape the sport and its culture. The urethane wheel had just been invented, the first outdoor skatepark was built in Florida, Alan Gelfand pulled the first ollie, and Vision Streetwear was born.
From that first year, it was clear that vision was something different. The Vision team represented some of the sickest most innovative skaters at the time including Mark Gonazalez, Lance Mountain, Tas Pappas, Duane Peters and Mark “Gator” Rogowski.
In addition, Vision was the first brand to understand the natural connection between music and skate culture. It put on a number of music and skate events including the Vision Skate Escape featuring Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
And probably most importantly, Vision re-defined skate and street style with its use of bold, in your face graphics on its skate decks, t-shirts and sneakers. The Psycho Stick, Aggressor and Gator Pro Model remain some of the most loved and well-respected symbols of innovative design throughout the history of social Skateboarding.

Since hittin’ the scene well over 30 years ago Vision footwear has always been designed to withstand the wear and tear of skaters everywhere.  By pairing the patented Olliepad with bold colors and style, Vision defined the glory days with these instant icons.

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110713VisionStreetWearProductPhotoMP0034 canvas hi hypno 1 HR 110713VisionStreetWearProductPhotoMP0034 canvas hi grey neon HR 110713VisionStreetWearProductPhotoMP0034 canvas hi natural 1 HR 110713VisionStreetWearProductPhotoMP0034 110713VisionStreetWearProductPhotoMP0034 suede hi turquoise 1 HR Vision Street Wear and Airwalk product shots Vision Street Wear and Airwalk product shots 110713VisionStreetWearProductPhotoMP0034


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