Converse CONS Launches CONS Project: Los Angeles


Converse announces the launch of CONS Project: Los Angeles, the second in a series of global community projects designed to inspire the next generation of creative spirits through music, art, style and sport. The first CONS project in North America took place at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn from November 2013 through January 2014 where kids from all over New York participated in six workshops including “How to Make a Music Video”, “How to Make Beats”, and “How to Record Rock Music”. 

 As the CONS Project initiative continues to the west coast, CONS Project: Los Angeles will take place at 828 South Main Street in downtown Los Angeles and coincides with the launch of the Converse CONS Spring footwear collection which launched February 14 at Converse retailers worldwide and on


Hosted over the course of two weekends, the CONS Project: Los Angeles workshops will offer tangible, hands-on lessons for local youth ranging from ages 16 and up, at no cost. The first weekend will consist of the interactive workshops, which will be led by an expert roster of renowned legends and up-and-coming superstars alike in their respective fields, focusing on specific themes within the CONS lifestyle.


To register for the workshops and view the complete CONS Project: Los Angeles list visit Entrants will register to apply for up to 100 spots per workshop.


  • Friday, February 21

o    Art Battles: “Street” drawing battles hosted by art collective Secret Walls

  • Saturday, February 22

o    DIY Merch: DIY promotion skills for starting a band/brand with musician Sam James Velde, record label Burger Records, band The Shrine, and skateboarder Don “Nuge” Nguyen

o    Music Video: How to make a music video featuring directors and producers of OMG Cameras Everywhere including Issac Ravishankara, Aaron Brown, and Evan Cohen

  • Sunday, February 23

o    Zine: How to create a street culture relevant ‘zine with rapper Alexander Spit, photographer Brick Stowell and artist REMIO

o    Skate Video: How to produce a skateboarding video with Six Stair producers and CONS Skateboarding Ambassadors Kenny Anderson, Louie Lopez and other CONS skateboarders


The following weekend on March 1, Converse will host a closing event at 828 South Main Street where the work created from the CONS Project workshops will be exhibited.  The collaborative art, film, skate and music exhibition event will also have music provided by Los Angeles-based DJ’s

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