Tight Wipes For Sneakers


Shoes,  heals and sneakers are valuable and beloved possessions, so why risk  cleaning them with bleach wipes or other kinds of chemicals that are not  intended for footwear?

Whether you are a big sneaker head who  boasts a vast collection of expensive kicks or a fashion-conscious consumer who  wants to glisten his favorite casual shoes, keeping sneakers clean has always  been a significant challenge until now.

 TightWipes was created by a sneaker collector who was sick of the  hassle of keeping his kicks looking new and clean. With this in mind, he hired  one of the best chemical engineers in the business and together they came up  with a patent-pending formula that is biodegradable and non-toxic. TightWipes is  a pre-moistened, luxury, hand wipe that cleans and revitalizes dirty sneakers,  shoes, boots and handbags amongst other items.

It is  said that you can tell a lot about a person by his or her shoes. That impression  is likely to be better if the shoes are sparkling and not caked in dirt or  grime. TightWipes allows people to keep their shoes looking fashionable and new  with a simple, user-friendly method that is healthy for the hands and the  environment.


IMAG0085 IMAG0078


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