Nike Access Codes



Nike will send out Access Codes to select customers, granting them exclusive access to select Nike products. Each code is unique to the individual, valid for a limited time and redeemable only once.

Nike reserves the right to use access codes on any product and won’t announce selections publicly prior to use. Nike also reserves the right to deactivate access codes or ban users at any time.


Access Codes can be distributed in person or electronically. An accompanying link will take users to a product page where they can redeem the access code for purchase.


HOW DO I GET AN ACCESS CODE? Nike Access Codes are given out to select customers, and codes are valid only for those customers.

DOES AN ACCESS CODE GUARANTEE ME A PURCHASE? No. The Access Code gives you access, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to buy the product.

HOW LONG DOES AN ACCESS CODE REMAIN ACTIVE? Access Codes are assigned unique “live times” for each product. The communication containing the code will explicitly state how long the Access Code is valid. We recommend using Access Codes as soon as they’re received, as supplies may be limited.

HOW LONG CAN I LEAVE THE PRODUCT IN MY SHOPPING CART BEFORE PURCHASING? We recommend completing check-out as soon as possible to ensure that the product isn’t removed from your cart.

CAN AN ACCESS CODE BE USED MORE THAN ONCE? No. Access Codes can only be used once. Those assigned to specific product sizes are valid only for those sizes.

WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY ACCESS CODE DOESN’T WORK? If it doesn’t work, that means it’s been entered incorrectly, already redeemed or expired. Access Codes can only be used once, so don’t share codes with others. If you think your code has been entered correctly or hasn’t already been used, please contact us.

WHAT DOES A “DISABLED ACCESS CODE” MESSAGE MEAN? We may disable an Access Code if it doesn’t unlock a product detail page (PDP) as intended, or if fraudulent activity is detected.

ARE ACCESS CODES SIZE-SPECIFIC? Access Codes can be size-specific, in which case recipients can only purchase a product in the size associated with their unique Access Code.

WHAT IF THE ACCESS CODE I RECEIVE ISN’T FOR MY SHOE SIZE? If you receive an Access Code for a different size than requested, please contact us. Due to limited sizes and availability, new Access Codes may not be available.

I RECEIVED A MESSAGE SAYING THE PRODUCT WAS UNAVAILABLE BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN ADDED TO OTHER SHOPPING CARTS. DID I MISS OUT? If you receive this message, it means that all available units have been purchased or are currently in other users’ shopping carts. Keep checking though, because users might not complete their purchase and products may become available.

WHAT IF I RECEIVE A MESSAGE SAYING MY ACCESS CODE HAS ALREADY BEEN REDEEMED? This means that someone else has already used the code, or the recipient has tried to use someone else’s code. Access Codes are not to be shared. If you think you’re receiving this message in error, please contact nike.

WILL DISCOUNT AND PROMOTIONAL CODES WORK ON PURCHASES MADE WITH AN ACCESS CODE? Yes. Promotional codes such as free shipping can be redeemed at checkout on purchases made with an Access Code.


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