Wolfgang Dog Collars and Leashes



Wolfgang creates American-made leashes and collars, for dogs, using the finest American leathers (Horween and Latigo) and American textiles, plus a distinctive collection of wallets, belts, t-shirts and hoodies for you.
The Horween and Latigo leather collars and leashes, below, have a high fashion feel and allow you to coordinate with your pet. 
Other styles available in repeat patterns, all over prints, brights, camo, solids, etc. 

Wolfgang USA was created to celebrate the unique relationship between dogs and their people.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4_36_22 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2_09_06 PM 7zWGAE4QLPjKQiNxo_aISPhKD7qTWmCW65a7khLi-P4,8AQq5d-8wA6DT3F47AEpSqg_p2SzVSgqGXeEsmq7qdU mokZd2X-GNVEYp0wRYRNx1b3KKBIKB2Ws8EREdFSC20,U2rstcw6CNaqyIb4KlVyfrQJ7ITIdTWiO_-5G89BIlU,jm0QDMS5E2U_qSTdqzFvC_LVUtQhW0cXUD365QsFDEs F1DKzFIE81Jw9uzilYom3dAqXCxcOfRm4YdUhzmLPoM,vlmT5R6qyEvcOVGf_3IarOggTLVJMndmSS-YTLmedB8,R2tBW6BQhKbnu0y8O09OBjR5zzg_g8H6GIsJYxgLXSg,dtrCozU4LjU-3xub 14EAUcgKikf858GUOzMkxcBXhst-PK3RPdeiW8O4PYM 1391426_340101106127273_797369356_n

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