Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat




The new Nike Vapor HyperAgility cleat, born from Nike’s “Shuttle Project,” again takes innovation and traditional footwear manufacturing to a new level. In addition to linear speed, the game of football requires agility and lateral quickness. The mastery of these skills is seen on a grand stage as pro scouts clock athlete’s “shuttle” or “5-10-5” drill times in order to assess them for game-time ability. Optimal traction on turf, reducing deceleration time, and traction confidence, are all critical requirements when “cutting” or changing direction quickly.

With more than 40 years of athlete insights and innovation across sport, Nike again worked with long-time partner and gold medal sprinter, Michael Johnson and his trainers at Michael Johnson Performance to better understand what athletes need for lateral agility in the shuttle drill. The Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat’s unique plate design uses an amplified, tri-star stud shape enabling maximum speed on turf while creating the optimal traction needed to decelerate and change direction quickly. This ultimately allows athletes to accelerate both linearly and laterally.

With the Nike Vapor Laser Talon cleat built for linear speed, the Nike Vapor HyperAgility cleat built for explosive lateral acceleration, and the Nike Vapor Carbon II built for 360 degree gameday speed, Nike continues to push innovation for athletes across every aspect of the game.

Nike_HyperAgility_0020_B_EM3-1_white_4k_27584 Nike_HyperAgility_0020_B_EM3-1_black_4k_27586 Nike_HyperAgility_0016_JM2_EM4-1_black_4k_27582 Nike_HyperAgility_0016_JM2_EM4_white_4k_27594 Nike_HyperAgility_0013_SD_EM2_RDR_EM-1_white_4k_27580 Nike_HyperAgility_0013_SD_EM2_RDR_EM-1_black_4k_27599 Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_white_crop2_27602 Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_white_crop_27590 Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_crop3_27595 Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_black_crop2_27601 Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_black_crop_27592 Nike_HyperAgility_0009_SD_EM2_SD_EM-2_white_4k_27578 Nike_HyperAgility_0009_SD_EM2_SD_EM-2_black_4k_27577 Nike_HyperAgility_0006_RDR_EM3_white_4k_27579 Nike_HyperAgility_0006_RDR_EM3_black_4k_27593 Nike_HyperAgility_0005_rgb_white_crop_27589 Nike_HyperAgility_0005_rgb_crop_27596 Nike_HyperAgility_0005_JM2_EM2_SD_EM-1_white_4k_27587 Nike_HyperAgility_0005_JM2_EM2_SD_EM-1_black_4k_27588 Nike_HyperAgility_0004_RDR_EM3-1_white_4k_27581 Nike_HyperAgility_0004_RDR_EM3-1_black_4k_27598 Nike_HyperAgility_0003_RDR_EM3-2_white_4k_27600 Nike_HyperAgility_0003_27603 Nike_HyperAgility_0002_EM3_RDR_EM_white_4k_27585 Nike_HyperAgility_0002_EM3_RDR_EM_black_4k_27591 Nike_HyperAgility_0001_SD_EM3_white_4k_27597 Nike_HyperAgility_0001_SD_EM3_black_4k_27576 IMG_8582_27647 IMG_8375_27649



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