Vans Classics Spring 2014: Van Doren Series



This spring, Vans reissues several of these archived prints for the sixth installment of the Van Doren Series.

The Van Doren Aborigine print returns on the uppers of the Era and Classic Slip-On as a psychedelic motif with a mix of bolds colors emblematic of the ’80s skate art scene. The Multi Check Van Doren print reissues color schemes, sidewall graphics and checkerboard-filled logos from 1980’s BMX packs for special color-ups of the Old Skool, Half Cab and Era. The Van Doren Stars & Stripes print reminisces over its ’70s origins with a retro offering of the Authentic and Sk8-Hi Reissue. The Sk8-Hi Reissue expresses the pattern in a unique arrangement with stars showcased on its lateral panels and stripes exhibited on the medial sides. The Van Doren Series comes to a close with three additional colorways of the Authentic which feature vintage prints such as the Van Doren Grid Tribe, Paisley and Aloha Skull patterns.

The spring delivery of the Van Doren Series is available now at key Vans Classics retailers. Shop the entire collection at

Vans Classics Van Doren Series for Spring 2014:

Available Now

Authentic in (Van Doren) Black/Aloha Skull – $55 MSRP

Authentic in (Van Doren) Grid Tribe – $55 MSRP

Authentic in (Van Doren) Navy/Paisley – $55 MSRP

Authentic in (Van Doren) Stars & Stripes – $55 MSRP

Classic Slip-On in (Van Doren) Multi/Aborigine – $55 MSRP

Era in (Van Doren) Black/Checker – $55 MSRP

Era in (Van Doren) Multi/Aborigine – $55 MSRP

Half Cab in (Van Doren) Multi Check/Black – $65 MSRP

Old Skool in (Van Doren) Multi Check/Black – $60 MSRP

Sk8-Hi Reissue in (Van Doren) Stars & Stripes – $65 MSRP

See more from Vans Classics at:

Vans-Classics_Sk8-Hi-Reissue_Stars-and-Stripes_Spring-2014 Vans-Classics_Authentic_Van-Doren_Stars-and-Stripes_Spring-2014 Van-Doren-Prints-3 Vans-Classics_Half-Cab_Van-Doren_Multi-Check-Black_Spring-2014 Vans-Classics_Old-Skool_Van-Doren_Multi-Check-Black_Spring-2014 Vans-Classics_Era_Van-Doren_Checker-Black_Spring-2014 Van-Doren-Prints-2 Vans-Classics_Authentic_Van-Doren_Navy-Paisley_Spring-2014 Vans-Classics_Authentic_Van-Doren_Black-Aloha-Skull_Spring-2014 Van-Doren-Prints-1 Vans-Classics_Classic-Slip-On_Van-Doren_Multi-Aborigine_Spring-2014 Vans-Classics_Authentic_Van-Doren-Grid-Tribe_Spring-2014 Vans-Classics_Era_Van-Doren_Multi-Aborigine_Spring-2014


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