Welcoming Back Sneaker Royalty : The Return Of British Knights


On March 3rd 2014, Kicksaddict sat down with Renowned designer Dr. Darren Romanelli who will be serving as creative director for the Revamp and Relaunch Of British Knights. Scooter Braun will also serve to help revamp the brand.

Born and bred in NYC, British Knights – the ubiquitous sneakers of the 80s and 90s will be making a comeback with a series of landmark collaborations with exclusive designs dreamed up by the world’s hottest up and coming artists.

“Back in the day British Knights was on top of the world, redefining the shoe game and hip hop culture, explains Scooter Braun of the collaboration and revival, “We’re brining BK back for all the people that fell in love with them in the 80’s and 90’s, and exposing them to a whole new generation of tastemakers and artists.”

“What I do is contemporize classics and rejuvenate beloved brands,” adds Dr. Romanelli,” so in a sense I’ll be serving as BK’s in house ‘doctor’. My job is to take a sneaker brand that has a solid fan base already and inject it with a fresh, youthful take. My love for art and Scooter’s background in music will be key in our approach to BK. For us, artists are the new athletes.”

British Knights will be available at select high end retailers nationwide, beginning March 15th 2014 – You can see some exclusive shots of what’s to come below!

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