Nike Free Trainer 5.0


Nike ushers in this new era of training with the new Nike Free Trainer 5.0, designed to the specifications of athletes looking for a versatile, evolved training shoe.

At 9.9 ounces (men’s size 10) the shoe’s upper is lightweight without compromising strength and durability. It features a breathable upper composed of a fingerprint-inspired pattern. The shoe can be used for both indoor and outdoor training across multiple sports.

The new Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is available at and select retail locations beginning April 3.

Su14_AT_Hypercool_3QTR_Tight_617348-418_Action_Hero_28028 SU14_SNP_AT_FREE_JJONES_001_28029 SU14_SNP_AT_FREE_JJONES_003_28033 SU14_SNP_AT_FREE_JJONES_004_28030 Nike_Free_Trainer_5-0_outsole_28022 Nike_Free_Trainer_5-0_flex_28021


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