Dope x Cam’ron Collection


The collaboration that some said would never see the light of day has finally arrived!

One of Harlem’s finest has come together with Los Angeles based streetwear brand Dope to bring a collection of tees, snapbacks and Dope’s famous Tie-back.
The collection is inspired by Cam’ron lyrics and group, Dipset.

Dope x Cam’ron Capsule will be available online and at Dope Fairfax (L.A) for a period of 24 hours as of today!

Matte Fields // Founder and CEO
“Super stoked that this collab is finally going to get released. Everybody at Dope including myself is a huge fan of Killa Cam and the entire Dipset family. I’m glad the beef was squashed and the fans of Cam’ron and Dope are going to have the opportunity to get their hands on this collection.”
Cam’ron will also be stopping by Dope Fairfax
 meet & greet
March 19th from 3pm-4pm.
at  454 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
All products are $32 
available at
Camron_Ohio_Black_Tee_Front Camron_Step_Son_Black_Tee_Front Camron_Wet_Wipes_Black_Tee_Front You_Mad_Black_Tee_Front Dopeset_Black_Tee_Front .jpg Camron_Tie_Back_Black_Side_dope Camron_Tie_Back_Black_Back_dope Set_Black_Side_dope Set_Black_Front_dope Purple_Haze_Side_dope Purple_Haze_Front_dope Killa_Black_Side Killa_Black_Front dope-logo

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