Gola Vicinity Mesh – Spring/Summer 2014



The Gola Vicinity Mesh Is a total throwback to the Run DMC/80’s street-wear era – clean, simple, modern but with a nod of nostalgia. It is sold online at the Gola website as well as retail in Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters for £60.00 ($82.00) USD – Below is a brief history on the company.

Gola was founded by Joseph Leeson & Sons in Northamptonshire, UK back in 1905. Ever since then, brand has been synonymous with the bulldog spirit and the antithesis of the huge sportswear brands. Their rich heritage – producing boots for the British Armed Forces in WWII, being official shoe of the UK soccer team when they beat Germany for the World Cup in 1966, and the go-to kicks of British anti-establishment musicians like Oasis and Paul Weller – has made them the quintessential British trainer for the men out there that are looking for a subversive, high-quality, and classically-cool shoe to have in their wardrobe for years.  

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