The GI Bike


For 200 years, since the inception of the bike, we haven’t experienced true bike evolution.

Behold the Gi, a 21st century crafted vehicle, by city lovers, for city lovers. Conscious, intelligent,practical, light, connected, easy and a pleasure to ride. Love the City. Love your Gi. A Feather in the Streets.


Innovative, sleek design.

Fastest folding bike. One motion. 3 seconds.

Safety-Smart Lights on the sides of the front wheel to avoid accidents at night/darker hours.

Electric and Non-electric versions available.

Integrated rear lights

Runs 40+ miles on Lithium Ion battery, without recharging. Great for cities with hills.

Commute to work in the summer without dropping a sweat.

Carbon drive belts to avoid maintenance (and dry cleaners)

Smartphone integration, GPS, maps, social networking, and full control of Gi’s features,

for both Android and iOS

Integrated USB port so you never go out of juice

Anti-Theft Lock System. Only you and people you choose can drive your Gi. Lock turns

on when you walk 10 feet away from your Gi.

How can I get my Gi ?

Their planning on a Kickstarter launch early spring. Be sure to sign-up on their

newsletter at to know when it hits the tubes!


_DSC5731-bb DSC_4455 DSC_4545 copy DSC_4590 copy DSC_5108 copy DSC_5166 copy DSC_5210 copy DSC_5294 DSC_5306 copy DSC_5355 copy DSC_5478 copy DSC_5486 copy DSC_5947 foldedgibike Gibike Gibike2 Gibikeparts P1180321 copy P1180330 copy Thegibike


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