Arnette’s 2014 Spring Eyewear collection


The new collection features two new models of sunglasses, with awesome, bold colorways and unique details, as well as four new pairs of optical frames. In time for spring, the brand’s color stories the perfect way to celebrate warm weather, festival season and days at the beach. With gummie bear brights, one-of-a-kind models in its ‘Inked’ collection, to hula girls and palm trees featured throughout the ‘Aloha’ line, there’s something for everyone.

Arnette is known for a recent collab with the band Slayer as well as one with Thrasher Magazine. Available now at


Buddy_AN7063_1143_2100x1051_300_CMYK Buddy_AN7063_1151_2100x1051_300_CMYK Conjure_AN4198_41_6Q_2100x1050_300_CMYK Conjure_AN4198_41_55_2100x1050_300_CMYK Producer_AN7064_1103_2100x1051_300_CMYK Producer_AN7064_1108_2100x1051_300_CMYK Revival_AN7062_1108_2100x1050_300_CMYK Revival_AN7062_1143_2100x1051_300_CMYK

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