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17 Responses to Contact

  1. I have a up and coming artist who’s lyrics are based around the “sneaker head” culture an I feel this site would help his career an bring more visitors to your site. Please contact and let’s discus this. If we have to pay we can disscus that aswell.

  2. taurus jackson says:

    How much is the Jordan Retro 14 Beanie scarf set becuz I wanna buy it asap

  3. alan says:

    Do you have any more photos from Dwight Howard signing at the Adidas store?

  4. carey says:

    My Daughter was at champs sports Sat FEB 25th and won a ball and got to meet Dwight Howard . Im wondering how can i get the pics from that day ?

  5. kamiesha woods says:

    I love the women’s Air max but can,t find da summer colors in a lot of stores can u help me find where to go get them?

  6. Bryan says:

    What web-sites in China can we buy the new nike zoom iv kd Aunt Pearl.

  7. mario says:

    Never got a Chance to say thanks for Placing my site on your Blog! means alot Thanks


  8. Luis Casillas says:

    Im interested in purchasing a unknwn Lebron James 3 time MVP t-shirt.

  9. Bryan Waite says:

    I just bought some vans vulcanized Italian leather black On black size 10. I was wondering of there was anyway to send them back for a 10 1/2?

  10. ginocobb says:

    this shoe look sick by g-money

  11. Keeno Barnes says:

    Im so luvin diz website

  12. Hello,

    Just wanted to know if it was possible to have our upcoming sneaker con featured here on Kicks Addict. It’s on dec. 29th please check out our website Dj Sussone will be in the 75000 sq foot dome lol. The 1st ever in westchester county! Hopefully we can be featured in your site. Thank you so much for your time.


  13. edwin says:

    I would like to know if you carry the shawn kemps in a size 10 and how can I purchase them

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